WHY: In search of the meaning of life.

Johnson Tellis
3 min readAug 8, 2020
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I once met an old couple, a jocund company. Life seemed to be kind to them. One worked as a Government employee while the other was a teacher. Both of them earned enough or perhaps plentiful at times to handle their expenses and keep the family afloat.

I also happened to meet their charismatic lad, who came up to me as we were conversing. He asked me if I taught at College and I nodded my head and confirmed. He further went on to ask me a question that really had me baffled at the moment. He asked, “Why do we grow?” It took me a while to digest that question.

We grow mainly because of our physiology…well, I’m sure he didn’t mean that now did he? I told him,

“We grow so that we can gather the resources we have accumulated over time to fulfil our purpose. The reason we made it here.”

Now this little man, had another question to fire at me. He further asked, “Then…How do you know for sure that you have found your purpose?”

I was very surprised. It’s rare that I indulge in conversations of this depth with kids his age. I would go on to share my learnings and my beliefs with him.

To that question, I replied, “We don’t know for sure. Yet, things that make us happy and leave…



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