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What does Wealth really mean?

Johnson Tellis
4 min readJul 5, 2020


Blinded by desires, we’re forgetting what we already have at our disposal.

While the Covid19 situation has already resulted in a state of unrest in many of us, the recession like environment is only fueling the crisis that has loomed large on humanity. Small businesses are shutting down, affecting its stakeholders who’ve relied on it for a living, for a very long time.

With survival at stake, I observed people losing compassion for others; threatening to take back the money that was lent even though businesses had stalled or demanding money from people who themselves were struggling to meet everyday needs.

These experiences got me asking myself, Is money that important? Is money supposed to be a commodity that we give away all our happiness and time for? or Is money just another means of exchange for goods and experiences that we seek?

The more thought I gave to this, the more apparent it became to me of how various institutions have been successfully convincing people of their unhappiness with how little they have, and persuading them to buy their products and services as a means to be ‘happy!

So I’ve decided to share with you a list of experiences, things and commodities (specific to my Indian counterparts), that you do own regardless of the amount of money you have, which will help you rethink about the systems we’re a part of and possibly remind you of the wealth that truly matters.

#1 You do realise that you needn’t pay for the most essential elements that are keeping you alive — O2 and H2O — right?

The very oxygen and water that is at your disposal by nature — perhaps in return for better-evolved species to sustain ecosystems — is something we’re entitled to. If you find yourself paying for these, then it would be safe to assume that you are associated with a place where man has built his institutions around nature for profitability.

#2 Light, it influences and balances various activities of the body.

Not once would we require to pay for the sunshine, made available to us by nature. Our increased dependence on artificial light sources is a result of the massive structures that we’ve built, blocking out natural light!

#3 You don’t have to pay to be happy!

Happiness is an innate feeling. Happiness or for that matter, any emotion associated with the human mind is a result of chemicals such as Dopamine, Oxytocin, Endorphins and Serotonin, which is also naturally available to you. While most of us pay a huge amount of cash to stimulate the secretion of these chemicals through excessive exercises and adventurous interventions like Skydiving, the most fundamental way to stimulate these chemicals are by simple acts like hugging, laughing alongside friends, a walk along the bank of a river or in a forest, or even by playing games such as chess or carrom -keeping aside the competitive aspect of it!

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#4 Love and Compassion!

As human beings, no matter the mounds of gold, artefacts or gadgets we accumulate (or even a plot of land on Mars!), at the end of the day, these assets don’t talk to us, they don’t resonate the feeling of love. They are lifeless and though they are introduced to us as companions as is the case of gadgets, or security, as is the case with gold and plots of land; it is a very delusional concept. Love and compassion from people and from nature, doesn’t cost a dime! Besides, they are priceless. What do you have to offer in return? Love and compassion! The feelings you experience with your loved ones under the ‘Taj Mahal’ is exactly the same when experienced under the thatched roof of your home. The experience is your perception! Train your mind to focus on the long-lasting emotional experiences and not on the temporary materials!

#5 Your life is a gift as a result of love and emotions shared by two individuals!

You can’t outlive your lifespan, but you can ensure you live it completely! Treat yourself well enough to avoid diseases and ill health — often a result of overstressing, which is also caused by the greed for more material possessions portrayed as a source of happiness! Look for meaning instead.

The day we realise that true wealth is already in our possession and take the responsibility of preserving and sustaining it, we will shatter the desolate structures created under the name of a manmade economy and humanity will thrive!



Johnson Tellis

An Entrepreneur working towards the community centric products. Actively involved in mentoring and guiding the youth towards self and community development.