Don’t Let Your Loyalty outweigh the Truth.

When your morals don’t align with someone you’re loyal to, what should you do?

4 min readDec 3, 2020


If you are an integral and honest individual with a moral compass aligned to the better of all, it is likely that you have been nurtured and mentored by many. As a result of the same, you would become loyal to people who have helped you the most. You certainly feel indebted (or a similar feeling) especially if they were there for you during a hard time or perhaps when you had nobody’s support. This person could be one of your family members, your friend, your mentor or anybody for that instance.

Being grateful to the person who helped you shows your nature and being there to help them in their journey speaks volumes about your morality and your values.

There are times when both your ideologies and philosophies align. You kind of find synergy in the person and you work with joy and fulfilment. But there will come occasions when your paths digress. Certain times your thoughts don’t match or they misalign your moral compass and your work gets affected. You can’t be your best version because you are not doing what you truly believe in. Things may start to heat up because the expectations grow on either side and the actions don’t suffice. At the time, pause and think through the following:



Johnson Tellis

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